If I could wake up tomorrow and know any language in the world I would want to know the japanese language. Over the past few years I have gotten really into the japanese culture and have even gotten some things to help me learn the language, closer to the end of this year I am […]

To be honest my favorite holiday has always been christmas, but I never really got excited for opening the presents, I got excited for all the good times to come with family members. You see christmas is the holiday where my family members from north carolina come up and spend the time with us. I […]

That one person who could do no wrong is my grandmother. All my life she has encouraged to me to be perseverant and to chase my dreams. Not once have I ever seen her get mad over anything and never has she been mad at anyone. I love my grandmother sooo very much, she has […]

By some stroke of bad luck if I were to lose my job to be honest I would probably start looking for other employment opportunities elsewhere, meanwhile in secret I’d be rejoicing for the fact of the matter is that my workplace is to the letter filled with a bunch of lazy people who are […]

There was always this one toy as a child that I truly adored playing with but it was never truly mine. It was my cousin’s nerf Maverick six shooter gun. Time and time again I would ask my parents for it as a gift for my b-day or christmas, but I would still never get […]

If I were to get a tattoo upon my body it would most likely be upon my left and right hands. Upon my left hand you would find the mark of the outsider from the video game dishonored where I would be granted magical powers to freeze time and teleport. Then upon my right hand […]

5 items that I would need on an island by myself to survive would be: A knife A bankai A zanpakuto (fighting sword) Portable dvd player All the episodes of bleach